7”x1/8”x7/8” 180x3x22.2mm Resin Bonded Cutting Wheel for Metal

Short Description:

Size: 180x3x22.2mm

Name: Cutting disc for metal

Type: T42

Material: Aluminum Oxide

Color: Black

Speed: 80m/s

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J Long (Tianjin) Abrasives Co., Ltd.

J Long is a company that specialized in resin-bonded cutting and grinding wheel production. Established in 1984, now J Long has become one of the OLDEST and TOP 10 abrasive wheel manufacturers in China.

Company Profile

While serving OEM customers from over 130 countries, our own brand “ROBTEC” have successfully entered and being welcomed in over 36 countries.

we have a full range of products that are certified by MPA (GERMANY safety qualification); and able to comply with different production standards, including EN12413 (European), ANSI (USA) and GB (China) standards. The company is also certified by ISO 9001 and comply the management system in its daily practice.

As a leading, professional, and experienced abrasive wheel manufacturer, we believe we’ll be your ideal choice!

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